Election Results Live Blog - Page III

DMK set to form a coalition government!

This is the open thread for the election results. We will be blogging live through the day, as results keep coming in.

Please post your comments/opinions/any updates/Links/results in the comments section. I will keep updating this post frequently with the latest results. The times are in Indian Standard Time.

Update 12:30 pm: Kitkat has been posting the results in each constituency as they come, in the comments section below.

Update 12:15 pm: The results are out in full flow. NDTV has some serious issues with its coverage. It is claiming that Vijaykanth lost, but all other sites are marking him as the winner.
DMK has won the elections. Let's see what happens next.

Update 11:55 am: IBN TV says that Jayalalitha is holed up in her Poes Garden home and is refusing to come out or meet with anyone. Only one person, some Jothi, has gone in and is allowed to meet JJ.
The three cartoons that you see in this post and the previous one are exclusively for HMH by Vaitheegan.

Update 11:45 am: DMK - 161, ADMK - 71 (NDTV).
Baddar Sayeed (ADMK) has won in Triplicane. ADMK has managed to get quite a few seats in Madras, traditionally a DMK stronghold.
Vasanth & Co Vasanth has won.
G.K.Mani(PMK) has won.
Senkottaiyan(ADMK) has won.
Karunanidhi has won. Looks like this time, he will have to come to the Assembly :)
K.N.Nehru has won.
Nanmaran and P.T.R. have won in Madurai.
NDTV has corrected itself and is saying that Anbazhagan won from Harbor.

Update 11:30 am: Rediff seems to be ahead of the curve. It is projecting 235 leads/results out of a maximum of 234 :)
Jayalalitha declared won. ADMK has won in Saidapet. Vijayakanth, Stalin, PTR have won.
More results are here.
IBN TV has not updated its numbers, but is concentrating on the West Bengal elections instead.
Dinamalar has DMK - 157, ADMK - 74, DMDK - 1, Others - 2.

Update 11:05 am: NDTV says that Vijayakanth is leading in Viruthachalam, and Anbazhagan lost!!!! SunTV says he won, though. Strange Machi Strange!

Update 10:55 am: O.Panneerselvam, D.Jayakumar, Durai Murugan have won.
Alankulam DMK- Poongodhai
Mannagrgudi - CPI - SIvapunniyam
Mudhukalathur - DMK- Murugavel
Seranmadhevi - Congress
Thiruvaarur - DMK- Madhivanan
Madhurandhagam- Cong- Gayathri Devi
Morappur- DMK-Mulaivendhan
Arcot- PMK-Ilavazagan
Palayankottai- DMK-Moidheen Khan
all won.

Update 10:50 am:
DMK party - 91
ADMK party - 70
MDMK - 8
PMK - 18
VCK - 2
Cong - 29
CPI(M) - 7
CPI - 5
This is from IBN TV.
Thamizmanam's supposedly live election page is still showing 69 to DMK+, 34 to ADMK+.

Update 10:40 am: Valarmathi trailing to BJP's H.Raja.
ஜெயா டிவிலே 'பள்ளம் தோண்டி' ரபி லைவா பேசறாரு! But, he is just repeating the positions where ADMK is leading.

Update 10:25 am: NDTV says Anbazhagan is trailing!

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