Kannum Kannum Nokia

Motorola plant came to Sriperambudhur thanks to my action” says Jayalalitha. She alleges Maran for trying to steal the glory away from her and deny her the credit for her actions and presents evidences to prove her point. If she is speaking the truth, then the credit goes to her. Maran is known for his unethical ways already. Expect announcements highlighting some vague technicalities with which he will claim credit once again. If there is nothing to claim he will surely at least belittle the effort, for sure.

That said, Surprise! Surprise! Rabi Bernard has joined AIADMK party. After playing his role as court jester in Jaya TV he has at last officially joined the party. Why would he do that? Expect some plump role for him in the political arena. I wish I had patience to hear him speak. Even though his flow of thought is nice and analytical his flow of words is too slow for my hearing/listening pleasure that I loose interest by the time he has finished the first sentence.

As predicted earlier, Vijayakanth has announced his party’s interest in joining the race in the Madurai bye election. Best wishes to him. Some sections of the media have already started dissing him and accusing him of being another ADMK/DMK. See report.

Tailpiece… Veerapan is being replaced by others in the forests of Sathy, hunting down Wild elephants and plundering Sandal wood trees. I wish the power heads at Chennai look into this and stop it right now.

Oomai VizigaL !!!

If there is any positive signs in Tamil Nadu politics it is the signals coming from the Vijayakanth camp. Aprt from the news about the enrollment of some MDMK elements into the party recently Vijaykanth's party has been displaying strong signals of sanity in conduct.

Some of his recent announcements were
1. That he does not have to be in the assembly all the time and he will be attending it on any day when improtant business is conducted. (I have no qualms about this because as a new comer with great expectations, he better not learn all the ways of improper conduct. In fact the lesser , the better)

2. DMK has to stop thumping hte table ( He is very dignified in saying this. I would add, stop inviting ADMK for a fight, stop using weapons etc ... etc...)
3. We may consider tie up with other parties for the municipal election. (Well this is debatable. To stand alone or tie up is a big question not only for him but for all the tamil speaking good world - Tamil koorum nallulagam) But let him try it this time and see how it works. Better in municipal election than assembly or central.
4. He has started a tour around the state to mobilise his party and stir up support for the assembly election. This is very positive and will surely reap big benefits. Without grass root support his party would also become like Lok Paritran. Another positive move. He has already started the tour from Kanyakumari without much fanfare. May be could not afford much fanfare but he should know that it does not matter for the public ultimately. If intentions are good then any action is deemed to be postive and so will its outcome be. So no worry there.
5. Only one movie a year. Come on. I know this is a stale joke but , it is still a good news. One movie is OK with me.

So what more could happen?

With the seat at Madurai vacated by the sudden demise of PTR Palanivalrajan, I think his party should contest there. It would be a tough fight but he can get it if he concentrates. I know it is a bit too early to announce anything in this regard lest he be eqauted to a vulture but I think there is no harm in making the plans without any formal announcements.

What says you?