HotMachiHot in Deccan Chronicle

The Chennai edition of Deccan Chronicle apparently had a piece on Bloggers covering the TN polls, and this group blog too got a mention:

But the most interesting is Idlyvadai. and Hotmachihot., which gives information on the latest deserters, newcomers and campaigning gaffes like the politician who used Hindi handbills to campaign in Tamil Nadu.

Wonder why there is a space between "Idlyvadai." and "blogspot" or "Hotmachihot." and "blogspot", so that even if someone C&Ps the url from the article, it won't work.

Anyway, we are not inflammatory, unlike a certain Mafia blog :)

In the immortal words of a wise friend, HotMachiHot-kkE Vote Machi Vote!

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