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5 comments: to “ Teacher ! Teacher!

  • Frustrated fool


    Dear fellow members

    MK has very little time. before he goes he has to show real achievements. so far it was semmozhi, dravidam anti north anti rich anti hindu etc. the tamil population is now knowing what happens in the world. so he has the only weapon of reservation to please them as it affects only the brahmins who in any case are trying to run away from tamil nadu. May be the Gods have given powers to these demons to harass good things like the asuras in the past. Has any body thought about the looming problme of global warming which may swallow the entire coast of tamil nadu by rising seas. unfortunately there is no choice. but this will be the last 5 years of the DMK rule which in a way was brought about by vijayakanth entry in the field. Manmohan singh and Sonia are helpless. they cant control tamil nadu now. BJP has become impotent.
    Cry or laugh is our choice.

  • Anonymous



    Dont blame MK -- he is an old man living 50 yrs.. behind our time..
    (talking about demons) -- statistics say India will have the largest population of 'educated youth' in 10 years -- hopefully they will bring about a change.

    I feel for the tamil society that lead the world -- now going deep to the drains -- (due to the classical divide by politicians)

    Now brahmins are extinct, the next target would be to remove mudaliars, pillai, chettiars, naidu for the OBC list --
    (persumably they have occupied 60% of state government posts as of now and get bulk of OBC seats anyway) and vanniars & other MBCs are less than 5%

    Politicians divide the society and ensure 'They have a statue in Marina'

    Good luck Tamizhagam!

    -- ANNIYAN

  • Anonymous


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