Quick Takes

1. The "Free TVs" that DMK government is going to give are going to be Fourteen inch TVs. Just 14 inches? Who would want to see their favorite serials in such a small TV?

2. Dinakaran and TamilMurasu have started featuring full-page ads by Government agencies. inimEl koNdaattam thaan ivanga raajjiyaththilE.

3. Karunanidhi said " There were 122 promises in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam manifesto. There were announcements on 68 so far. The remaining would be taken up in phases". - The Hindu. Vaitheegan, can you cross-check?

4. Students from rural areas get 15% of seats reserved in Engineering Colleges, according to Karunanidhi. If rural students are those from Panchayats and urban students are those from Corporations, what about students from Municipalities? :)))

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6 comments: to “ Quick Takes


    There were announcements on 68 so far.

    --- announcement and implementation are 2 different words...
    68? we know only 8+/- where is the rest - 60?..

    -- V..


    "SunTV reported that Chidambaram has said that Jayalalitha attending the session all alone is not an act of courage."

    Does he indirectly say that stripping a lady in the presence of 200 odd men is alone an act of bravery.

  • Anonymous


    Originally Kalaignar had planned for 34' inch plasma for the voters provided DMK wins all the 234 seats. When he decided to contest only 129 seats the TV size was reduced to 19'inch Sony LCD.He has proportionately reduced the size for 96 seats. Now it is the duty of Congress to provide the set-up box, Commies the antenna and PMK the monthly cable bill.Vakku thavaradhavar ( I mean vakkugalai thavara vidhadhavar) iyya enga kalaignar!!


  • rajaG


    TV illaadhavangaLukku thaanE Free TV. These days most people go for Food, Clothing, TV and then may be shelter. I really don't see why we should criticize DMK for chhosing a 14 inch TV as a free gift. It is still a TV nevertheless, it is FREE, and it is not a space hogger - I am not expecting the people who apply and get the free TV to be living in a 14ft.X 20ft. living room.

  • Vaitheegan


    Who will pay for the cable TV connection? may be Tamilnadu government will give it free of cost and pay Sumangali cable directly - the government gajana is always open.

    who will pay for the electric??
    or is this 14 inch TV solar powered?

  • Anonymous


    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » » »