JJ's Flip Flop

On the first day of the TN assembly session, AIADMK members lead by Paneerselvam (the then leader of opposition) created such a ruckus that they had to be evicted en masse. 60 of the 61 were gone. JJ did not attend the session that day.

Everyone had been guessing whether JJ will follow Mu. Ka. by sitting at home for 4 years and doing enormous disservice to their constituents who chose him/her. JJ stunned the public and the press by storming into the assembly and literally taking over the session. She could have easily sat at home and refused to come to the asssembly alleging possible physical abuse. But she did not care. And that too when none of her people were around she dared to take her position. Her experience and public speaking skills came in handy in her defense of the past government and the public sighed in relief at the victory of democracy. Her victory at the floor probably encouraged her to take over the role of the opposition leader from Pannerselvam – her permanent stand by.

Now, anybody with a sane mind would not let such an opportunity slip. But, JJ? She is different. She never went to the floor the next day. Almost all of her MLA’s were waiting at the gates to cheer her up. But – no show. What kind of a plan was that, you would think. But JJ had more plans. She called in the press and told them that she was not invited to speak in the assembly against the norm. How can anybody asked to speak when they were not even present? If she wanted to make a case she should have gone there, warmed the bench and then cried that she did not get her time. What she chose to do was plain political maneuvering.

Unfortunately this time she fell on her face with this trick. I hope that after the nose bleed has stopped she will not get up more furious but step back and look and what tripped her feet instead. He has to keep in mind that she still hold a huge chunk of the assembly members and millions of voters are expecting her to be a bit more responsible.

Remembering Anna’s word “Kadamai, Ganniyam, Kattupaadu” is the need of the hour for her. It has been so for quite a while now.

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