Vaiko alleges that Sun TV is trying to buy Junior Vikatan

Vai.Ko is dropping the next bombshell. It looks like Sun TV is trying to buy Junior Vikatan, and probably is arm-twisting the Vikatan group.

The news is pretty short on details, and from a cursory glance, other media outlets haven't carried the news. I guess it may take a couple of days for this news to gain momentum.

The news may be true, though unlikely. This election has seen the media getting completely polarized. Groups that are scared of the growing Maaran empire (Kumudam, Dinamani, Dinamalar, Thuglak) are all anti-DMK in their coverage of the elections. Strangely, Vikatan has remained pretty much neutral, though Vikatan would have seen their sales fall due to the rise of Kungumam. I was wondering why. Now, with Vaiko alleging that Vikatan has gotten into problems with Sun TV and has been forced to toe its line, it kind of makes sense.

Vikatan has been producing serials for Sun TV. Serials like Kolangal. I guess Vikatan may have borrowed money from Sun TV or may have been in a bad situation in a contract with Sun TV. That may have resulted in Sun TV's efforts to buy out (and potentially kill off) Junior Vikatan.

The other angle in the story is that Junior Vikatan is going to report its survey results that predict a landslide win for the DMK combine, and that Vai.Ko is pre-empting it by questioning Ju.Vi's neutrality. With many surveys predicting a DMK win, it seems far-fetched that Vai.Ko would allege this. A survey at this stage is highly unlikely to have much effect on the voters.

Still, if Vai.Ko's allegation turns out to be true, and if Sun TV indeed buys out Junior Vikatan, my response will just be, "So What?". More power to Sun TV. Ju.Vi will become yet another DMK propaganda magazine that I will stop taking seriously.

That said, I can see the irony in Vikatan S.Balasubramaniam (a former president of TAMBRAS) selling his magazine to DMK. Politics does make strange bedfellows.

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20 comments: to “ Vaiko alleges that Sun TV is trying to buy Junior Vikatan

  • Anonymous


    JV has always been a pro-DMK mag.


    If this magzine acquisition day what ever news SET by DMK and his family will become the news of tamil nadu. Truth will be completly hidden.

  • Anonymous


    Are you sure this Balasubramanian was former TAMBRAS. I doubt it though.


    Ju Vi might not have borrowed from Sun TV. Vikatan Televistas and other content providers pay money upfront and get timeslots from Sun. The content provider then markets the serial to the advertisers and gets the advertisement revenue. So if your show has a high TRP, you make more money thru ads. The system rewards popular programmes.

    Vikatan has relatively been neutral, at times favouring DMK. I would suspect that Kumudam would have been affected more bcoz of the rise of Kungumam.


    Kaps, when the Sarathkumar/Radhika issue came up, the rumor was that Radaan had borrowed from Sun TV to create its content and was struggling to pay it back. It is possible that Vikatan went the same route.

  • Anonymous


    It is all over folks!!! Octogenarian Muthuvel Karunanidhi and its DPA alliance will be elected on May 8/11. While reliable early polls predicted a close contest, the reliable Recent opinion polls (Loyola, Nakkiran, Junior Vikatan and The week) are pointing to a landslide victory for DPA alliance. More importantly, MK is drawing crowds more than that of the last Lok sabha elections where their alliance bagged all the 40 seats. It is even bigger than 1967 crowds when Annadurai and its DMK came to power. MK is drawing more crowds in Ramnad district for the first time since MGR demise which itself is a great surprise. This evening State CBI is predicting defeat for JJ in Andipatti. What is the reason for this sea change? Is it a temporary election phenomenon? Are the old DMK followers coming back home to say farewell to Octogenarian MK by electing him and his DMK one more time? Are they come to see next generation DMK leader Dayanidhi Maran? Are they attracted by the leftist DMK election manifesto? Whatever may be the reason here is the rating of the politicians in Tamilnadu based on the performance so far:
    1. Bill Clinton of Tamilnadu: Dayanidihi Maran (DM) – He is connecting with the old and the young, rich and the poor. He is the most sought person within DMK party for speaking in public meetings. He was invited not because he is the grandson of MK, but he comes across as a sincere politician, interacts with ordinary folks, and displays a demeanor of that of a educated young man capable of accomplishing things. He is not a old style great Tamil orator but he communicates well and connects with the public. He will be the next CM of TN 6 months to a year from now. He will contest in Chepak constituency replacing his grandpa. I really don’t know whether DM has really threatened the Tatas or not. (hey, Tom Delay - the Hammer was doing it for years in Washington exactly this - nobody called it that it is a crime). Threatening for a piece of his business is not a crime – it is a business tactic. Even if it is true, to me, it is a positive point because he is not afraid of the giants. Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis of the world (and by the way they are not Gods) have became rich and monopolized various industries in the last 50 years (with the help from congress and BJP govts) exactly doing what DM is accused of. DM’s performance in the Centre (IT sector) for public good and inviting Bill Gates to Intel Chief to TN is a laudable act. If he does the same thing in TN as CM that would make TN a heaven for new ‘low’ and ‘high’ wage employment. I haven’t seen a single politician like him in any major parties in TN for his polished public relation and lobbying skills. (Even P Chidambaram lacks these skills.) This is a great asset for TN. Don’t underestimate it. Voters see him (DM) as their next CM.
    2. Mario Cuomo of Tamilnadu: MK Stalin – Had DMK won the election in 2001 he would have become CM. But not now.
    3. Robert Rubin of Tamilnadu: P Chidambaram – Capitalist minded but forced to defend MK’s leftist DMK manifesto.
    4. Howard Dean of Tamilnadu: Vijaya T Rajendar – A colorful speaker
    5. John Kerry of Tamilnadu: Jayalalitha - Finally, she displayed her weakness in political skills. You can’t endorse (indirectly) your opponent’s poll manifesto. You can’t be against it (Rs 2/kg rice) before you are for it (10kg free rice). This is the turning point for this election. Voters didn’t care about whether MK is going to give Rs. 2/kg of rice or not. They used this criteria to evaluate which politician is sincere or not. This major goof combined with the absence of friends surrounding JJ made her look insincere. Moreover, folks - in politics you need friends.
    4. Sour grapes: Maran brothers and their family SunTV business have become an issue in this election. SunTV was started by Kalanidhi Maran when the DMK was in Opposition in both in the state and in the centre (1990-92). He took risk and succeeded in his business. As a smart businessman, he expanded his business in the entire south India with a variety of 14 channels in different languages and monopolized the business. The entire south India Cinema industry stalwarts like AVM who had a large library of films slept on the wheel while Maran was succeeding with SunTV. They or any one in the movie industry could have started this business. They didn’t. That is why now after looking at Maran’s success, from the TN movie producers to fellow DMK and other politicians (VaiKo, Sarathkumar, Vishu etc); they were all envy of him. Give him credit when it is due. Kalanidhi Maran succeeded on his own to become a giant in this satellite TV business. So far there is no SPECIFIC complaint that he used illegal political influence to start or expand his business. Becoming a successful business man is an achievement not a crime.
    5. VaiKo – a colossal failure: I had high regard for the DMK MPs of the 1962-67 era. Annadurai, Murasoli Maran, Vaiko, Nanjil Manoharan, Era Chezhian, Dhandapani etc were all educated MABL lawyers and they were the only ones who spoke in the Lok sabha about “State-Autonomy” issues in those days. Compared to the then ruling congress party MPs, these guys were dedicated young guys who had enormous knowledge in the Center-State issues area. This VaiKo could have become a central minister along with Murasoli Maran under Vajpayee. He chose not to join the ministry even when his MDMK MPs became ministers. Had he joined and performed, he could have made a name for himself. But, he didn’t. He can’t blame MK for this. He had a direct contact with Vajpayee. Later, he could have become a Central minister again under Manmohan Singh. First he refused. Then when he wanted to become a minister, his quota was taken by DMK according to him. Why he didn’t utilize the opportunity when it was first given. He can only blame himself and he can’t blame MK for this again. Now he is envy of Dayanidhi Maran because he made a name for himself as a central minister. He is indecisive and consistently doesn’t make right political decisions (probably because of L Ganesan). That way he is a colossal failure.

    Finally about MK: In spite of all the bad verbiage thrown against him over the years, a considerable percentage of voters who once supported him is coming back to him because of his sincerity. At this age of 83, voters don’t think that he is doing it for personal gain or for his family business. The voters think that he is sincere and that is why he released a extreme leftist poll manifesto. These voters also think that he might deliver the promises either through his grandson or son.
    Here is the prediction. DPA: 195 others: 39

  • Anonymous


    happaa! finally an "anonymous" jaalraa has started playing the jingchak for the DMK.

    Vaiko is a loser - because he want to AIADMK. If he stayed with DMK, he is god's gift to thamizhar :-)

    This time around, because MK is 83, he is not selfish. All the previous times when he was younger, he was just another corrupt, sleazy, and greedy politician.

    Dayanidhi Maran's business acumen and strong arm tactice have to be admired - not because it is illegal, but because it was practiced by a DMK minister and a member of the "family".

    Stalin would have been a CM earlier - only if he had stopped chasing TV spokespersons' skirts :-)

  • Anonymous


    Dayanidhi Maran has misused his
    office as Minister for the portfolio, not only developed
    his family Sun TV, but also
    destroys his competitors. He has
    not permitted Jaya TV starting
    a news channel, Raj TV was punished
    for showing Vaiko, Suriyan FM does
    not adhere to the norms, and the recent news that he has threatened
    the TATAs for 1/3rd share, are these not sufficient to proove that
    Mr. Dayanidhi Maran misuse his office? If such people are allowed in power the honest businessmen will shift their business to China or elsewhere than to succumb to such political pressure.

  • Anonymous


    soon JV is going to be Best to Kanna best for Maran Bros. These fellows have ammased so much money courtesty Tatas, Birlas, ambanis and TR balus, they are on a shopping spree of media- The power of media is so much that they are trying to create a damaged Tn if J is in power or a Rosy tamilnad if karunanidhi in in power. Unfortunately these fellows background is so shady - running a bear bar with discothoque (more apt for politics?)

  • Anonymous


    the best joke - kalanidi marans hardwork is sun TV -hahaahahhaha - its Dayalu ammals ? hard work - sun tv promoter - a women who makes appam in her house for her faithful husband - (Is there Income tax dept in India or not) ok may be some smart auditors have made all corrupt money into white- and kalignars pet boy murasoli marans hard work - if i had a rich father like Murasoli maran and rich grand ma like thayalu ammal - may be i might have had a tv like BBC----

  • Anonymous


    Finally the most expected one side conch blown here...
    btw: who ever it is - thanks for keeping it really decent.
    Bill Clinton of Tamilnadu Dayanidihi Maran - more than Maran shouldn't it be Stalin? for various other known reasons?

    VaiKo the colossal failure Yes agreed, but his failures are shared by DMK more than AIADMK. :)


  • Anonymous


    Did u all see the Jaya TV expose on how Karunanidhi is financially backing rajiv gandhi assassins' family. I think Sun TV\DMK is getting doomed by its own core competency being picked up by other media groups. I am sure this time, there is less choice. The DMK seems more dangerous than ADMK. Our people always decide whom to vote against.

    I think the thevars and dalits won't vote for DMK because he called them as miruga jaathi. lesa urasunaavei aruvaalai thookravanga ippadi ellam pesinaa vote poduvaanungala

    Nadars won't vote for DMK because they are the current media moguls and they are under threat. I can hear these voices making the right moves within their community. If DMK believes they can use Radhika selvi against bigger icons like sivanthi aathithan and Sarathkumar, it is a shame.

    Women have decided not to vote for DMK..aah they never voted for this man.

    Chennai doesn't want SCV domination and the troubles with the set top boxes.

    Educated people know it is PC who is behind everything getting costly. If u try tracking ur expenses for a month, we pay close 70% of our earnings as direct(IT) and indirect taxes(Sales, service, transaction, entertainment, excise and other lottu losukku). The intelligent has understood that even though IT paid has come down, PC steals money through all other means. Kaasa kaasa bank la vaichruntha athukkum tax podraan. ATM la podraan. namma tax katti sambaathicha kaasa edukrathukku marupadi service tax..engaachu unda intha kodumai..ellathukkum PAN..OK agreed..ethna MLA , MP kitta PAN irukku? avankitta kaetkriya nee..he only has black money. mothalla ivanai olikkanum.

    TV vaenuma illai Computer vaenuma nichayam yosippaanga.

    Muslims have shunned MK in state elections after the coimbatore blasts. Now that BJP is not with amma, they will vote against DMK again.

    If Dinakaran has 10 L readers, dailythanthi, hindu, indian express, dinamalar, dinamani have reached many more people and they have all carried only one message for the past one month and that is against this SUN mafia group.

    Govt employees won't vote for ADMK, by the way many of them will be doing postal votes only which is counted if there is a tie. But these guys can influence the counting:)

    Christians and some brahmins also won't vote for ADMK.

    On top of all this, if DMK wins, I believe, TN has reached American standards. vera enga ualgamei thootrinaalum oruthan jeyippaan:)

    vaalga karuthurimai,


    Amam paa ama. Ellam news media ellam AIADMK opposite aga podithu. Ena, DMK only supports media, govt employees. Ana, AMMA supports all others. Neeluku payira thanni pullukum payum AIADMK achiyelae, ana DMK achiyelae, avanga familiku mattum than payum.

  • Gobinath


    Its Nothing Sir but truth sir.

    Tomorrow on 11 May u will see this News if DMK wins.

    News: Maran has treattend the People and election comission that is the reason they won the election.

    One more Freebie news:
    Sun Network had brought CNN-IBN, NDTV, THE HINDU, STAR GROUP and Times Group also.

    news Courtesy: Jaya TV, Reporter Mr.Vaiko , Thiruma and choo

  • Kannan


    Prem Thaliva Super Pa,

    U contest in Election and become FM, then give every thing Tax free pa.

    That will be good. I will vote for Prem.

    Vote for Prem!! For better Tax free india tomorrow.

    If prem becomes a FM there wont be any tax in india.

  • Anonymous


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