HotMachiHot in The New Indian Express

HotMachiHot got a mention in an article in the New Indian Express (Tip: Kaps). The article was on how tech savvy the various political parties are.

Obviously due to the large number of participants and a tech-savvy moderator who runs the show, the blogs are a better alternative if one is looking at gossips, tongue in cheek comments, and opinions than the official websites. Moreover, the interactive nature of blogs, where anyone can post their take on each blog, makes it a dialogue between the different interests.

Blogs like www.hotmachihot.blogspot. com have their own ‘opinion polls’, which some of them emphasise are not scientific like the umpteen poll predictions do these days, as to who will possibly win the elections.

The site also revels in sarcastic observations on the comments made by the politicians in connection with the electoral rat race. Also finding place in the cyberspace are cartoons on the Maran brothers, DMK supremo M Karunanidhi and PMK leader S Ramdoss among others.

While we are on "sarcastic observations made by the politicians", here is a gem from VetriKondan. Read at the end of the interview: "Aatchi pOnaa andha ladyOda mudivu vEra maadhiri irukkum. ethirkatchi thalaivaraa irundhu arasiyal paNNaathu. sattasabaikkum varaathu". She won't come to the assembly if she would lose, it seems. Just like Kalaignar!

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