Election Recap Radio Show

Apparently, the radio show that Rajan and I did on the elections was a big hit. So, we've been asked to do a follow-up show, an election recap special.

You can listen to it live in 90.1 FM, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, or on the net at KZSU Stanford Live.

When: Wed May 17th, 7.30 am - 8.30 am PST.

To call up during the programme and share your views, the number is 650-723-9010 .

For more information on the show, go to itsdiff.com.

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6 comments: to “ Election Recap Radio Show


    good show guys heard it via the internet.

    first caller wanted mu.ka to do something good at least now - based on his age.

    When he did nothing in his prime age, what the hell he will do in ripe old age. -- he is nothing but the same person with hatred on anyone who opposes him or the Hindus...and other communities of Tamil Nadu.

    - Vaitheegan.


    From: Hema
    Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:56 PM
    To: Sri

    Today's program was awesome!


    From: Alarmelu Rishi
    Date: May 17, 2006 4:44 PM
    Subject: 17th May Prog.
    To: itsdiff@gmail.com

    Dear Mr. Srikanth
    Accept my congrats first and my congrats to both Balaji and Rajan too for the good show this morning on Air.
    It was an unbiased analysis of the Tamil Nadu Assembly election and the efforts put in to collect the songs and details of the election scenarios are feast for people like us misssing them from seeing and enjoying in Tamilnad.
    It is worth to listen another analysis after some time seeing the ongoing
    performance of the new Govt. like bringing back Kannagi statue , "uzavar
    sandai" , "veraNam" project etc,etc. but no employment opportunities,
    improving standard of education, and other constructive programmes[except planning various methods and breaking head to bring ex CM to court for this
    and that a - typical "vendetta" ]
    Alarmelu Rishi

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