A whiff of fresh air

If you are nauseated by the rhetoric of the current parties, and are looking for some alternative to emerge and change the country and the political landscape, here is a new party:

LONG before the Rang De Basanti message swept the nation, a group of young IITians were already making plans to work for their country. Initially the young brigade, all under 30, had no plans of getting into politics and were just a group of friends who did social work.

"It was something that happened when we were doing this voluntary work that made us realise the need for change and launch Paritrana, our political party," says national general secretary Chandrashekar. The group was working in a village when members were attacked by local leaders who felt threatened by their presence. "That's when we realised that unless we have some power in our hands no change can be possible," says Chandrashekar. And so Paritrana came into being. Trana means pain. Paritrana means to relieve the pain. "That's what we've set out to do," says Chandrashekar.

He adds that the response to their movement has been overwhelming. "From 16-year-olds to those 70-plus, people have expressed their support. Our site has registered over 10,000 members who want to join our party!"

Paritrana is now all set to face the litmus test as it enters the big game this year by fighting elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry. "There's been tremendous response in Chennai, especially Mylapore.People are fed up with the administration and are glad they're not going to be exploited by us like they've been before. We've held two public meetings and the crowd has been very encouraging," says Shekar.

Paritrana will be contesting from 11 constituencies in Tamil Nadu and 12 candidates have been shortlisted. "A lot of people who sought candidature were IT professionals, they've been a major source of funds for us," says L Hemachandran, 25, general secretary of the party in Tamil Nadu.

Source: ToI.

It is high time that something like this makes an impact in our politics!

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4 comments: to “ A whiff of fresh air

  • rajaG


    I guess they were inspired by Yuva/Ayudha ezhuththu which came before RDB :-)

    Whatever the trigger, it is always good for the country if sincere and qualified people actively participate in politics.

  • Kitkat


    Ippadidhaan America Narayanan-nu oruthar konja naal munnaadi ponaaru. Poi Congressla Rajiv Gandhi kooda kuppa kootittu, Rajiv ponappuram aikiyamaaga jodhi illaama indha electionla Mahathma Gandhi padathu munnaala Resignation letter vechuttu vandhuttaaraam. Paavam. May be the non reliance to congress and bjp may work in thier favor. Good luck to them anyway. Once they get one seat they will gain speed I suppose.

  • RangA


    The right way to change this system and win the people's heart is to start right after the election and work all the five years aiming at the next eletion. In every public issue these people should make their stance known and should involve themselves in those five years. That gives people enough time to see the difference in approach and appreciate it. There had to be a clear idealogy and strategy in dealing with such public issues. chummaa electionkku munnaadi naangaLlaam padichavanga vote pOdungannaa nambaRadhukku jananga enna kaadhula poo vechavangaLaa. I always fear that the intelluctuals are the worst people in resolving their ego clashes. padikkaadhavanE paravaayillainnu aakkiruvaanga.

  • Anonymous


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