Round up

1. While reading news articles on Tamilnadu politics, especially in tamil, the language and the use of words give away more than the content itself. Reading between the lines helps a lot in this context. I found a good example of this, in this dinamalar article, the reporter writes on how the Congress-I party cadres are not happy with the candidates list. Apparently, many true workers of the party were left out, but rich folks got rewarded. The classic line in this article was: "Salem-1 thoguthiyai Suresh enbavar vaangiyuLLaar. " Ouch!

2. Mr.Peter Wuttings, who has promised outside support for HotMachiHot on the floor of the parliament, chimes in:

I think Mu.Ka. recruited Bagyaraj in a lame attempt to split the Kavundar
community votes which might otherwise be thought headed towards Vai.Ko. and Co.

From Assistant Director to Murungakkaai Philosopher to MGR Vaarisu to Music Director to Mu.Ka. backer...Bagyarajaa yEn thalaivaa vErkkaathu pEsurappO? innoru kerchief eduththukkO naina? edhO weight-aa oru manjaa cover nerayaa thuttu maattichinnaa santhosap padurOm. unga konguthamizhisaiyil thOzhar Nagoor Hanifa paadi oru prachchaarap paattu veLiyidanumnu vENdi kEttukkirEn.

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