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ஜாதிகள் இல்லையடி பாப்பா....
May 31st will be remembered as a Red letter day in the annals of Tamil Nadu Assembly history as on this date the House adopted four important Bills," claimed our Chief Minister பட்றுதலை ராவணன், oops Mu. Karunanidhi on Wednesday. The chief minister of TamilNadu also managed to excavate the good old “cast” mummy - gave his usual caste based political speech. He said in the past, when some opposition members described the government headed by him as "third rate" (`moondram thara') government, he had corrected them saying his rule was "fourth rate" (`nangam thara') i.e. `Shudras' rule. His reply was commended by E.V.R., who was alive then. In the `Varnashrama dharma,' there are four categories viz. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vysyas and Shudras. He also urged the center to implement OBC quote. He took a pot shot at people from north India, it seems they felt ashamed to call themselves backward class communities, in Tamil Nadu people were proud to identify themselves with the BCs [தமிழா தமிழா பாவமடா நீ]

The Bills adopted by the House are: making Tamil compulsory in all schools from classes 1 to 10; providing reservation for Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in self-financing colleges in the State; withdrawal of TESMA [now government employees can come to work as they like, Strike as they like, just have a ball in the name of government employment] and repeal of Anti-Conversion Act.

After hearing his speech DMK, MLAs in the name of applauding broke about 50-60 desks, while pathetic looking Congress MLA joined them in the banging ceremony. Chief Minster later assured Government would bear the cost of broken benches.

SunTV for its part reported that Tamilnadu now has about 69% reservation in all colleges and schools regardless of being private or funded by Government.

Jayalalitha for her speech quota called this day as black day of Tamil Nadu Assembly history. She accused the speaker of house that he tactfully avoided her from discussion. Apart from the speaker, she also accused the DMK government for the traffic signals that had red light when ever she drives through fort St. George area. At the end of the day both the leaders maintained the Dravidian culture. Ayya called it Red day while Amma called it Black day.

குடி மகனே!...பெரும் குடி மகனே!
Here are some Liquor sales figures given in the House by Chief Minister Karunanidhi
cases in lakhs  2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
Mohan Breweries  54.33 35.47 30.03
Siva distilleries  53 40 43.86
Balaji distilleries  44.9 45.72 50.19
Midas Golden dist  12.85 28.68 51.04
Over all   165.08  149.87  175.12
Tamilnadu குடி மக்கள் had reduced drinking habits in 2004-05. However Midas using their political clout doubled their sales, but some how Balaji distilleries sales also increased. Over all Tamilnadu has been drinking a lot.
175,00,000 cases a year. That’s a lot of Booze. psst:Will Chief Minster provide us details on how much Sumagali cable made on settop boxes alone while how much its competitors made?....ஆடிய ஆட்டம் என்ன...

He closed his speech by stating - There were 122 promises in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam manifesto. There were announcements on 68 so far. The remaining would be taken up in phases, he added. அட அரசியல்ல இது எல்லம் சகஜம்ப்ப....[HotMachiHot has sent a search party to find the 60 other announcements - announcement is different from implementation – ]

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