The Vaitheegan Show [#13]

Without any political ethics, Jayalalithi called the DMK chief a Ravana after the elections. Finally the title has been accepted by the DMK chief yesterday, PTI reports, I am an "affectionate" Ravanan says DMK chief . I am not a Pathu Thalai Ravanan, (ten-headed "demon" king Ravanan in Ramayan), but a pattruthal ulla Ravanan (affectionate Ravanan)," Chief Minister Karunanidhi said on Tuesday.So over all the Ravanvan title still holds good, Ravana was also a staunch Siva devotee, a Venna artists and had a kind of weakness for the opposite sex. Who is Kumbakarnan? K Anbazhagan? Vaitheega dai adanguda...

No more special treatment for VIPs in TN temples: Chennai, May 25 (PTI): The practice of giving special treatment to VIPs in temples would be abolished in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi announced in the State Assembly today. Does this law really server any purposes. Most of the so called VIPs in Tamil Nadu don't seem to believe in God, most don't go to a temple. It is only common man who goes to temple. However to make this law really effective, Can we expect our Chief ministers to pass similar law to abolish special treatment of VIPs in Airports, Train stations, Shopping centers, Roadways, High courts, TV coverages, movie theaters, any other place where they zoom pass common man. This law is something similar to a setting up a special counter in a Ration shop for VIPs. tell me which Vip goes to a Ration Shop? What is the point in the passing such worthless law which servers no purpose. Will the Economy thrive because of this law.??? Finance minister who is on a vacation tour to Tamil nadu has to explain.

Jaya misled Assembly: Chidambaram Accusing AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa of providing wrong information in the State Assembly, Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Sunday asserted that the free bicycle scheme launched by the previous AIADMK Government was a centrally-funded scheme. SunTV reported that Chidambaram has said that Jayalalitha attending the session all alone is not an act of courage., what ever, The current chief minister was paid sitting at home for being in the opposition. He never took a trip which he is supposed to do, will Mr. Finance comment on it??

Do you know - Statistics Minister Ko Si Mani had participated in a "yaga" organised by Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi at Kumbakonam. Wow!It that true, do we have a statistics ministry??

Free land Distribution scheme: Here are some statistics let me mislead people a little. According to "statistics" there are 86 lakh landless farmers in the state. A rough calculation says government needs 1,72,00,000 Acres of lands which is about 26,875 square mile. Size of Tamil nadu is about 50,215 sq miles - hence note it - about - 50% of Tamil Nadu will be given away free. More over, existing data from Tamil Nadu Government web sites reads - Total Cultivated Area (Hectare): 58,89,069 - Convert this to square miles - 22,737sqmi, already about 50% of Tamil nadu is agricultural land. Blow it a little more, Coming to the Irrigation part, we picked data from Tamil nadu Government website - 30,87,108 Hectors are irrigated that is, 11,919Sqmi have perennial water supply and the rest 10,818 Sq-Miles depends Kunakudi Vaithiyanathan's Amurthavarshani [KVA]. Tamil nadu will be adding another 27,000sqmi to this KVA equation, where will the irrigation supply come from? The person who went to the Kanchi mutt yaga - "the Statistics minister" has to answer.

The two-week-old minority government of the DMK in Tamil Nadu is under pressure from the Congress to share power with them.The minority government of the DMK required the support of 22 MLAs. Congress, a coalition partner in the government, had offered unconditional support to DMK. But now, a section of the party has put up posters in Chennai making their demand loud and clear. Congress is such an animal, the Head does not seem to know or care what the Tail wants to do or doing. Tail acts as though it is the head and yap around,until head takes over again. Really an amazing Animal, need to call 1800 Animal planet.

Tamil nadu Congress wants DMK to setup an aeronautical institute in memory of Rajiv Gandhi.Congress Whip Peter S Alphonse said that Rajiv Gandhi had been a pilot before he joined politics. In memory of the departed leader, aeronautical science should be taught free of cost to youngsters and they should also be given free training to become pilots, Alphonse said. Congress high command is busy waging a war using Caste politics to gain political milege, Tamil nadu congress came up with a joke. They requested DMK that Ambedkar's birthday be declared officially "Caste Eradication" day, in honour of the leader, who fought for eradicating caste feelings among Indians.

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5 comments: to “ The Vaitheegan Show [#13]



    Vaitheegan Sir,
    You forgot to mention todays news that Muka is going to give 14" TV for all poor. Is 14" Tv enough for our people? Is it going to lead to people who have 14" Tv being branded as poor or freebee hunters especially in movies? Now the negotiation starts. At least they won't drain the coffers as much as a 27" Tv would. The biggest losers will be the vattams, who could have extracted a 1000 rupees if it was a 21 inch tv. Now only 500 rupees can be extracted for a "free" tv.

  • Anonymous


    DMK is ruling in the centre also. So TN poor people may get allottments of "fertile land" from AP,Bihar,Rajasthan, Kashmir,Orissa also. The allottment list may look like this :

    aNNavi : Arunachal pradesh
    Marudhu :Madhya pradesh
    Kathamuthu: Kashmir
    Nallusamy: Nagaland
    Mariappan: Megahalaya

    Sethu Samudram may reclaim billions of Sq miles in the sea for this allottment.Nambikkai dhan mukkiyam.

    Even if that is not enough ...after the historic telecom deals Maran has built a good rapport with Japan,Denmark,Holland etc. So I will not be suprised if our TN voters gets farm land in Newzeland and with a Jersey pasu as "Ilavasam" (that would make Vijyakanth eat humble fodder over his promise!)

  • Anonymous


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