The Vaitheegan Show [#12]

DMK first created a screen play as though they would be offering speaker position to Congress, however “eei asku-buskuu” They will be retaing the speaker's job. Already congress party of Tamil Nadu is not happy about Sonia & Muka Nexus. Also Amma was seen withdrawing cash from banks to purchase something in future. Anything can be happen in Indian politics.

Hens around Tamil Nadu will be working over time. DMK fulfilled its most important promises of all, offering an additional egg to midday meal scheme students. Our reporter “Kozi Babu” is busy investigating how many students scored “eggs” in their half early exam.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu told SUNTV that his cabinet is busy preparing plans for fulfilling free TV promise. With a pride smile, he announced about tax money to be wasted on those Idiot boxes. Our reporter cable Kanadasamy reports that Sumangali Cable might have ordered about 500 miles of new cables from a Chinese company.

KanNagi statue will be back, soon she will be standing tall in the shore line and serve beloved people of Tamil Nadu. Marina shore is thus protected from future Tsunamis, pickpockets, beach side prostitution rackets and other beach side pass times. Chief Minster made a trip to the location where she is currently resting and inspected the statue. We can soon expect a poem which will complain about “cracks” found in "vital" parts of the statue. Hence there is chance for the DMK to rebuild it – but this time it would be a 400 foot statue similar to Valluvar statue in Kanyakumari. NO VASTHU sastra can carry it or remove it this time.

Union Finance Minster Mr. Pa. Chidambaram took an about turn on his pre election stand - “It was feasible for Tamil Nadu to implement the promise, he said, but he had given no assurance that he would implement it. The state government has t decide; the Centre's priorities are different”. Devuda devuda…7mala devuda..

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