The Vaitheegan Show [#11]

DMK will form the next Tamil Nadu government.Congress extended their “unconditional” support to the DMK ministry. DMK managed to squeeze in and win the election, and to be fair it was not a complete wash out for AIADMK. AIADMK has won many seats in Chennai, which was often portrayed as DMK’s coatU tie nu…. City people did not buy Dmk’s manifesto, while rural folks seems to have fallen for Free TV and Gas stoves and other generous schemes that will nearly wipeout even Kuberan’s Gajana. At this time we should remember that CFO [Chief Financial Officer] of India has approved and stated this is possible. [????????]

Congress has won 30+ seats, which is a blessing in disguise for Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu after a long time has some common representation in Delhi and Tamilnadu. Congress MLAs generally are known for weak back bone configurations. We need to wait and see what they do for the state. One good thing is DMK cannot Yap about Delhi talking to Gopalapuram directly. DMK needs the “unconditional support”. Using its MP strength in Delhi, DMK & their Allies cannot black mail the central government. To keep both the parties in check there is an invisible political gear that needs 24/7 lubrication.

Media savvy Mr., Dayanidhi Maran has attributed this win to their Election Manifesto. Hope his grand father and DMK tondargal are not offended by this statement. Speaking to the, he said funds for Rice subsidy and Free TV Schemes will be yanked off from various liquor contractors [Eg: Midas] affiliated to AIADMK. However Vaitheegan is waiting to see who gets the Free TV and free cable connection supply contract. Our reporter “மோப்பம் மன்னாறு" reports that a company called “Sun-Light Furniture” that makes TV Stands, Plastic Covers was floated yesterday by few new entrepreneurs like ஏப்பம் ஏகாம்பரம்,swaஹ சிவச்சாமி from Gopalapuram area. – [TV இருந்தா Stand, cover எல்லாம் வேணாமா.?]
DMK & Co should remember – at this moment of time, every little Blogger, self made critics , senior , junior, part time, full time press reporters, general public will be focusing a lot on execution of DMK manifesto. Like in the past DMK cannot get away this time for false promises.

Stalin gets Ministerial berth. Others in the list include K Anbazhagan, N Veerasami, Ko Si Mani, Veerapandi Arumugham, Duraimurugan, P T R Palanivel Rajan, Dr K Ponmudi, K N Nehru, M R K Pannerselvam, I Periasami, N Sureshrajan, Parithi Ilamvazhuthi, A V Velu, Suba Thangavelan, K K S S R Ramachandran, T M Anbarasan, K R Periakaruppan, N K K P Raja, Thangam Thennarasu, N Selvaraj, Vellakoil Saminathan, K P P Sami, U Mathivanan and K Ramachandran. Three women - Dr Poongothai, Geetha Jeevan and Thamizharasi would also be sworn in as Ministers. This Ministry, the largest the state ever had, will also have two Muslim representatives in S N M Ubayathullah and T P M Moideen Khan. [Hope we don’t find Tamil Nadu on EBAY]

Vaiko: AIADMK alliance lost the polls by a narrow margin in many constituencies and hence the results cannot be construed as a positive vote for the DMK-led alliance, MDMK chief Vaiko said on Thursday. Yes “there is No Sand on my moustache” He also said “For the first time in independent India, Tamil Nadu Assembly will face a strong Opposition,” which is true. கொசுரு: Our reporters tried hard to get hold of Sarath Kumar to get his opinion. However they could not trace his whereabouts. He vanished in his 50 thousand dollar BMW SUV.

“UP” [Yours] – [ஆப்பு in Tamil] Captain’s next movie; though a good start for a new party, captain has no vice captains yet. Good news: Vijaykanth has won and his party has preformed some what better than PMK - Dr Ramdoss and Co. Tamilnadu police has registered a homicide case on PMK leaders. PMK is busy seeking central's help. DoctorG [இது ஹிந்தி ஜி சாமி] has said that “Tamil Nadu has been saved”, - seeing PMK loose considerable chunk of votes. - YES YES Absolutely "Good for TamilNadu"

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