HotMachiHot will be keeping track of Poll Promises made by DMK. These were picked from “emeng.pdf” [in Tamil] downloaded from DMK’s website. As and when they are fulfilled, we would date it and mark it as completed. The idea here is have an audit trail for every election promise that DMK made during 2006 Tamil Nadu elections and keep track of its execution [If any].

--- Vaitheegan.

3 OUT OF 37

1. Quality Rice at Rs.2 per Kilo to make women feel happy at heart.

After the swearing-in, Mr.Karunanidhi signed three orders implementing the poll promises of the DPA, [May 15th 2006]
2. Free colour TV to every family for women’s recreation and general knowledge.
3. Restoration of Financial Assistance for marriage – Increased to Rs.15,000/-
4. Rs.45 per day as training allowance again to the members of Self-Help Groups.
5. Maternity assistance to pregnant women at Rs.1000 per month for 6 months!
6. Free gas stove to all poor women!
7. Educational fee increased several fold will be reduced and restored to earlier level.
8. With Nutritious meal to students, egg will be given twice a week. - Read More..[May 15th 2006]
9. Monthly financial assistance up to Rs.300 to the unemployed youth.
10. Employment opportunity to three lakh youth in the vacant posts in Government departments.
11. Self-Help Groups to the unemployed youth.
12. Free computer Training to the youth in rural areas.
13. Waiver of all cooperative loans of the farmers.
14. Free electricity to Weavers in addition to farmers.
15. Assignment of 2 acres of land to the landless poor families.
16. Waiver of cooperative loans in the event of death of farmers!Read More..[May 15th 2006]
17. Selection of Teachers on the basis of registration seniority in the Employment Exchange – Among them 50% will be women!
18. Free electricity to farmers, who had got priority connection on payment of special deposits!
19. All concessions withdrawn will be restored to Government employees and teachers
20. Financial assistance to the families of the deceased
21. Government employees and road workers and employment to their legal heirs
22. Third Police Commission to redress the grievances of Police force and refurbish them!
23. We will implement the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission as an when they are announced
24. All the vacancies in Government Departments, Schools, Colleges and Hospitals will be filled – The system of contract employment will be abolished
25. Separate Welfare Boards to the unorganized labour ; Rs.300/- per month as pension to the members
26. Immediate provision of housing to all the fishermen and others affected by Tsunami!
27. Opportunity will be given to all the trained persons from all castes to act as Archakas in the temples
28. Reservation Act for Muslims and Christians
29. Opposition to foreign investment in retail trade
30. Old age pension increased to Rs.400/-
31. Physically Handicapped pension increased to Rs.500/-
32. Installation of Kannagi statue in the same place, removed by the ADMK Government
33. Bus fares raised by the ADMK regime will be reduced to the level of railway fares
34. We will reduce cinema out-door shooting charges enhanced by Jayalalitha Government
35. We will reestablish MGR Film City gradually razed to the ground by Jayalalitha regime
36. We will put up early a statue and memorial for “Nadigar Thilagam” Sivaji
37. We will declare the Birth day of Kamarajar on the 15th July as the day of opening of educational eye and organize celebrations in the schools.

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17 comments: to “ MDM TRACKER


    This is really a good idea. I dont think any media does this. Most of the media keep telling the people that the memory of the voters is poor. In my opinion, the media themselves are not very good at tracking poll promises. HMH is starting a new trend. Very good.

  • Anonymous


    3 out of 37? or not yet?

  • Anonymous


    With 3 pen strokes today, octogenarian MK, the political wizard of Tamilnadu has started the political chess game when nobody noticed that the game has begun. With CPI/CPM/PMK/ML giving unconditional support on his side, he is really kicking Congress out from the coalition if they really want to leave. State Congress is demanding share in power. MK is not giving them. Congress is fuming right now. MK has made a pre-poll deal with Sonia that he is not willing to share power under any cost. We will give you more seats (48) to contest, but don’t expect to join the govt. That is the deal for all the coalition partners like PMK also. If Congress really wants to join MK’s govt, then first kick MDMK ministers from central govt. That is what MK is saying to congress privately. Will Congress do it? JJ is hoping that this alliance will fight and crack and there will be a bye-election for the entire assembly within a year. It might very well happen but not the way she wanted. MK’s 3 pen strokes on poll promises is really a chess game. Instead of cracks in the DPA alliance, CPI/CPM/PMK/ML will not leave DMK under any cost. MK will bring Thirumavalavan back to his fold. Even with the majority MLAs backing him up (~127), MK himself will dissolve the assembly in a year (of his choosing in a Congress generated crisis) and he will face the electorate with some of the poll promises already fulfilled. When it happens, instead of DPA alliance cracking, the vote banks of Congress, AIADMK, and DMDK will crack (because of the partially fulfilled promises) and they will come to the DMK alliance minus Congress. MK will get absolute majority and he need not share power with any other political parties. JJ-Sonia-Vijayakanth coalition will not emerge. Even if it emerges, it cannot beat the DMK/PMK/VC/CPI/CPM alliance especially after the 3 pen strokes today. I really like the political assertiveness of MK/DMK with Sonia’s congress. It all depends upon TN State Congress. If they fight with MK and joined hands with JJ now, Sonia’s congress is finished along with JJ. Way to go MK!!! – Nobody called you the Political Wizard of Tamilnadu for Nothing.

  • Anonymous


    By now the dmk would have forgotten the promises. Wait till the next election, they will come up with new promises.

    thamil valga


    ANd it is 3 out of 37 on the very first day...

    Great Going


    13th May 2005 - Assumes Office and on the same day, 1, 8,13 and 37 are taken care of See

    As per the print version of hindu it is given that July 15th will be Education Day...... A true tribute to Kamarajar, who made sure that education is a birthright

  • Ashok


    Hey Bruno,

    Signing a paper doesnot really mean anything...Let us wait and watch. It is better if the promises are fulfilled...else u know whats in store for MK!

  • sk


    Rice problems...

  • manavalan


    27. Opportunity will be given to all the trained persons from all castes to act as Archakas in the temples

    37. Announce kamaraj birthday as education day..

    These two announced.
    score is no 5/37

  • Jeeeva


    These are just announced, how do we know the rise is "quality" one? we have to wait till it reachs peoples kitchen.

  • Bay Area Dravidan



    U matter whatever happens..u support BJP and ADMK..coz their leaders are brahmins..

    Get a hold of reality dudes..can Jayalalitha tell a word against dravidian movement? Can she utter a word against reservation? Fact is TN (even India is following suit now) will always be ruled by anti/Non brahmins...U cannot change that.."Murpagal Seiyin Pirpagal Vizhayum" ..u r reaping the benefits of what your forefathers did to poor dravidians..

  • Anonymous


    by kicking brahmins what is the enjoyment you get here in blog.

    // "Murpagal Seiyin Pirpagal Vizhayum" //

    You have to ask தயாநிதி father on this.

  • Anonymous



    To save the country we got to be united. Currently our politicians are hell bent to keep us divided on caste, religious, or regional lines..

    One day or ther, we have to realize it and save India..

    Our life is temporary (think today is the last day in your life and do something good to others, rather than wasting time on 'inconclusive arguments')

    Blog is a blessing to our time -- hope it helps in unifying India

    -- ANNIYAN


    There's a lot of talk about Dravidan culture etc. Isnt this whole Aryan Dravidan theory a myth propagated by the British? There is no genetic or archeological evidence to support this.

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous


    Most of the points have been completed. Why can't you update it :) :) :)