Double Standards - डेम्क्

DMK aka Double standards:
The DMK came to power in 1967 riding on an anti-Hindi wave, has now turned to the Hindi to harvest votes. DMK has prevented schools and colleges from providing Hindi as a medium. DMK never hesitated to criticize schools that had Hindi in their curriculum. DMK leaders often accused or generalized Brahmins for Hindi patronage in the past. Congress-I did use undue influence to spread Hindi in Non Hindi speaking belts. However Dravidian parties from Tamil Nadu DMK in particular, used this motive to strengthen their Dravidian philosophy. DMK mislead people of Tamil Nadu against the Hindi language. Even today students from the 70 and 80s batches are ruing for not learning Hindi. They find it diffcult once they move out of their “Tamil Comfort zone”. Hindi today is the de facto language after gummudipoondi on the east, or Hosur on the West.

DMK, Birth place for various double standards made sure their Delhi TCI/IP connection – Union Minister for IT, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran speaks in well trained Hindi. Why? It is the only method to communicate to his cronies in the central government. While the innocent people of Tamil Nadu are wondering what happened to the bewitched Dravidian language philosophy.

kosuru news: Thaga-Thaga Thaga Thangavettai - Jaya style: After free rice, TV , now Jayalalitha has gone to the extent of promising free gold ‘mangalsutras’ weighing four grams to all poor girls during their marriages.

एक् गव् मे एक् किस्सान् रगु तात -- Vaitheegan [वैतीगन्]

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14 comments: to “ Double Standards - डेम्क्

  • Anonymous


    which place r u writing the blog from ? u seem to write tamil very well especially the tamil blogs . r u writing from tamilnad or from foreign ?

  • Anonymous


    I certainly mean the DMK well but wish they had come on a non anti-Hindi platform in the 60s, say genuine representation for Tamils etc. Actually, the party kept winning more and more seats since the 1952 elections and I am reasonably sure they would have won a majority in the 67 elections OR maybe the next one after that, without the Hindi bogey. It is probably true that the late Thiru. Murasoli Maran , Thiru. Dayanidhi Maran's father, was very fluent in Hindi. The senior Maran was MP for such a long time and I cannot imagine him transacting business in Delhi otherwise. The reality is that Hindi is a tool that expands opportunities all over India. The major strengths of the Tamil people are their strong work ethic, friendly disposition and curiosity about all aspects of the world. Knowledge of Hindi would indeed have served a couple of generations quite well. Just look at Malayalees working all over India, thanks to the one advantage they have compared to Tamils. Before you jump on me, let me assure you that I not only studied Tamil, but was a Tamil medium student through X. And, today, in TN, Tamil, our lovely mother tongue, one of the true classical languages, is in mortal danger NOT from Hindi, but English. 39 years of Dravidian rule has not been able to even slow the relentless march of English medium to even the pattis and thottis and the Tamil-educated Tamil is practically II class in his own state.

  • Anonymous


    The reality is that Hindi is a tool that expands opportunities all over India. - well said.

    Dravidian politics dont see it that way, they twist it for their philosophy in turn for a political gain.

    English growing on is a different issue. 2006 even the French are learning English. Today business world is a flat place, the whole world communicates with India in English, which is our greatest strength.

    English is also a tool that expands opportunities all over WORLD

    Learning English affects growth of Tamil or Hindi or Telugu or Gujarathi..this depends on what we define as growth.

  • Anonymous


    yes, but a child can become very proficient in English by learning it ONLY as a language until Std V and then switching to English medium in VI or even VII. Until V, that child could should be immersed in Tamil medium education. That would lay a strong foundation that will last a lifetime. The bad consequences of what is going on now is on display in Tamil TV channels. Pronounciation is atrocious, if the artists even speak themselves at all! Bharathi's "mella thamizh ini saagum" is becoming reality. :-(( I did not say do not learn English and agree with you regarding the world-wide opportunities etc.

  • Anonymous


    I studied thamizh as a second language with English as the primary language (and medium of instruction). I find that most of the students who studied thamizh as the primary language (and medium of instruction) have major pronunciation flaws with la, La, zha, na, and Na. What is the point in knowing the techinical term for computer is kaNini, but saying it in "aLagaaNa thamiL"?


    atleast do this

  • Anonymous


    aLagaaNa thamiL --
    the அவள் விகடன் advertisement on Sun TV calls itself as "அவல் விகடன்" - even an old renowned Tamil magazine from Tamil nadu fails here ...what the heck.

    - vaitheegan

  • Anonymous


    What man you are talking about DMK and ethics. Ethics is for public and money is for M.K.

  • Anonymous


    Very true... Incidentally came across another interesting experience of another Tamizh

  • Anonymous


    let all blogger's answer one question before we get on with a debate. How many of of you are Bhramins and how many non bhramins. My question is for a stastical reason and not for political affinity. I do perfectly understand that a majotrity of the journo's in businuss and the publishing house with strong money base are controlled by Bhramins.There is no point trying to be cynical abt a tamil movement , when we have our political beleifs biased. Does any one know that when india got its independence 40% of the cultivatable lands in tamil nadu was owened by Bhramins ,including the delta region. The movement for tamil was the requirement of the period in time as it was being brutally trampled by our friendly neighbour and relative Hindhi.This was part of our own cultural identity. I dont think lot of Bhramin's identify with this philosophy because,as such they
    don't belong to the dravidian ethos.

  • Anonymous


    40% of land belonged to Brahmins ( where were just 2- 3% )

    நல்ல கதை !

  • Anonymous


    Hindi today is the de facto language after gummudipoondi on the east, or Hosur on the West.

    This is a false statement.

    that language might be used in hyderabad or bangalore BUT not in other cities like Vijayawada or Mysore or Vizag or Hubli.

    Since I have travelled in these southern states - I say use of hindi is very very minimal ( that too only in its capitals )

    Why in Capitals : Bangalore /Hyderabad

    Bangalore - normally being used by many northindians to settle in south.

    Hyderbad- if u think ppl here use hindi...then really it is a joke. The population here uses Urdu which is vast spoken by the Muslims here.

  • Anonymous


    Keep up the good work
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  • Anonymous


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