Congress or ADMK - whis is a bigger threat to DMK ?

What should the DMK fear ? Congress or ADMK ?

Congress: Disappointment, frustration in Congress

Minority' DMK Government will not last even one year: Jayalalithaa

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8 comments: to “ Congress or ADMK - whis is a bigger threat to DMK ?


    The veil of happiness and celebration in the Congress, after winning 34 seats in the Assembly elections, lifted on Saturday when its central emissary Veerappa Moily announced unconditional support to the DMK. State leaders of the Congress and the newly elected legislators were bitterly disappointed at not even being consulted in the decision to extend outside support to the DMK, in return for a similar arrangement in Pondicherry.

    - The famous congress sangu cleaned , white washed and has been kept ready, it is just matter of time for Tamil nadu Congress to blow it...[or amma might give them a chance, in one year katchi thaval mmmm..enna venna agum...

  • Anonymous


    With 3 pen strokes today, octogenarian MK, the political wizard of Tamilnadu has started the political chess game when nobody noticed that the game has begun. With CPI/CPM/PMK/ML giving unconditional support on his side, he is really kicking Congress out from the coalition if they really want to leave. State Congress is demanding share in power. MK is not giving them. Congress is fuming right now. MK has made a pre-poll deal with Sonia that he is not willing to share power under any cost. We will give you more seats (48) to contest, but don’t expect to join the govt. That is the deal for all the coalition partners like PMK also. If Congress really wants to join MK’s govt, then first kick MDMK ministers from central govt. That is what MK is saying to congress privately. Will Congress do it? JJ is hoping that this alliance will fight and crack and there will be a bye-election for the entire assembly within a year. It might very well happen but not the way she wanted. MK’s 3 pen strokes on poll promises is really a chess game. Instead of cracks in the DPA alliance, CPI/CPM/PMK/ML will not leave DMK under any cost. MK will bring Thirumavalavan back to his fold. Even with the majority MLAs backing him up (~127), MK himself will dissolve the assembly in a year (of his choosing in a Congress generated crisis) and he will face the electorate with some of the poll promises already fulfilled. When it happens, instead of DPA alliance cracking, the vote banks of Congress, AIADMK, and DMDK will crack (because of the partially fulfilled promises) and they will come to the DMK alliance minus Congress. MK will get absolute majority and he need not share power with any other political parties. JJ-Sonia-Vijayakanth coalition will not emerge. Even if it emerges, it cannot beat the DMK/PMK/VC/CPI/CPM alliance especially after the 3 pen strokes today. I really like the political assertiveness of MK/DMK with Sonia’s congress. It all depends upon TN State Congress. If they fight with MK and joined hands with JJ now, Sonia’s congress is finished along with JJ. Way to go MK!!! – Nobody called you the Political Wizard of Tamilnadu for Nothing.

  • Anonymous


    Yov Annony

    Dont come and blabber as if you are an expert in politics. You dont even know that MDMK is not part of UPA cabinet and there is no MDMK minster in the central minstry. First learn your political ABCD before coming and bad mouthing your expert opinions here. Anaony says:

    "If Congress really wants to join MK’s govt, then first kick MDMK ministers from central govt. That is what MK is saying to congress privately"

    Is it ? Is it ???!!! Haa Haa Haaa Haaaa Funny very funny. I am sure, when MK asked Sonia to kick VaiKo's ministers you were also present in that room right? Write about that too.

    Check facts before you come here and write any nonsense.

  • vijay vi


    Though anony may be wrong in facts, I like his thought and behind the obvious thinking. I dont see why that is a bad guess apart from the udaans about mdmk ministers

  • Anonymous


    Some one earlier made a comment that its political chess game by MK.Well why can't it be this way? Congress has got its foothold after a long time in TN and does not want to loose it.The poll promises for sure cannot be kept by DMK and congress knowing this does not want to commit itself by being a part of the government as coalition. Instead Congress as coalition and earning a bad name, will just lend an outside support just to see the turn around of events in this minority government for sometime.Also Congress may have a chance of switching sides if the minority government fails to prove itself. Otherwise congress with 34seats would have surely got its pound of flesh.Why not this be a tactical move by Congress Headquarters?


    Neither JJ nor Sonia can align with each other... Too much has been said about Sonia by JJ. But It's good for the state if JJ comes back to power. Lets wait and see for a year rather than blabbering... By then things will become clear.

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