AIADMK Quarterly Examination

அம்மா துணை - ஜயம் நிச்சியம்

AIADMKQuarterly Examination –
Every wrong answers carries Rs 20,000 party donation

PART - A – Answer any 10 [10x Rs 10,000]

1) Amma endral
a. Valarpu maganukku Amma b. Tamizargalukku Amma c. Anubuku marupeyar Amma d. Maariamma

2. Amma’s favorite color (a) Green (b) Blue (C) Green (d) Red (e) Green

3. Amma’s favorite car (a) Iyengar (b) Sumo (c) Tata Sumo

4. When you have problems in the party you would report first to whom?
(a) Amma’s photo (b) Amma’s house watchmen (c) Amma’s car driver

5) Amma koodavae varuvadhu
a. Avar pugazh b. Avar thondar padai c. Tamil Patru d. Sasikala

(6) If Amma fires you from the [government] job - you should
a. Wait for Amma's anger to subside and hope that she will recall her decision.
b. Pray to God (assuming GOD is not afraid of her)
c. Complain to Karunaanidhi , [Dyanidhi and other Dravidaவிதி]
d. Just Wait for elections, you will be recalled.

(7)The turning point in Amma's life was
a. When MGR met her
b. When she got pushed out of MGR's funeral procession
c. When she became an actress
d. When she met Sasikala.
e. DMK’s Duraimurugan turning into Duchadhanan in the assembly.
f. From Radhakrishnan road into Poes garden.

(8)Amma's lucky number is
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 f. 6 g. 7 h. 8

(9) Amma's best friend is
a. Amma b. சின்ன மேDUMB Sasikala c. Cho Ramaswamy d. MGR's ghost

(10) Amma's biggest achievement is
a. She brought rain to Tamil Nadu last year
b. She made Karunanidhi cry 'Ayyo Kolraangalae'
c. She reversed all her orders
d. Running a proxy government using Paneer Selvam.
e. Getting Simran to talk for her without Tamil dubbing.

(11)AIADMK thondan Kaalaila ezundha vudan enna seiyanum
a. Amma peyaril oru archanai.
b. Read Namadhu MGR.
c. Watch Jaya TV morning show.
d. Scold DMK for 30 minutes.

(12)Ammavidma ulla seruppugalin moththa thogai
a. 1000, b. 10000, c. 100000 d. ovvoru thondanum oru seruppudhaan.

PART 2 Answer Any 2 , 3 is a must [2x Rs. 25000]

1)அம்மாவை போற்றி ஒரு பாடல், வெண்பா, குறள் வரைக;

2)அம்மாவின் தமிழகம் ஒரு குறிப்பு வரைக

3)கருணாநிதியை தூற்றி சிங்கார சென்னை தமிழ்லில் ஒரு வெண்பா எழுதுக

Note: Paper set by 'Edakku Naattaan'. Paper chasing charges Rs 12,000 per answer , send cheque to The Vaitheegan show c/o Edakku Naattaan. காபி [copy] அடித்தால் ..த்தா அடிபடுவீர்கள்

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