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Choice of yellow

DMK supremo Karunanidhi had said recently at a public meeting in Konerrikuppam, that he has been wearing a yellow shawl for the last 10 years from the day it was gifted by the PMK chief Ramadoss 'to continue the relationship' between them.

The DMK chief also pointed out that even Gautham Buddha who had brought in reforms had always sported yellow robes and even Osho had mentioned that 'yellow is a symbol of rationalism'. An elderly DMK worker who was keenly observing the speech of his thalaivar lamented to a friend, that of late thalaivar has started giving explanations for everything and posed this difficult question: 'Since Buddha had sported yellow robes thalaivar wants to do it. But Buddha did penance under a tree, got his head shaven and lived on alms. Opposition parties may ask him to follow these acts of Buddha. Then, our thalaivar will be greatly embarrassed for selectively choosing Buddha ! He must give up this 'newly acquired habit' of explaining about personal choices ! Words of wisdom indeed.

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