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Jumpings: When ever DMK leader sheds tears for someone,they jump. The great Vaitheegan [thats me] few days ago in his news reel section predicted this, “I hold Sarathkumar in high regard, says Karunanidhi, therefore we can expect one more mighty jump in near future” - Tamil actor and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam's Rajya Sabha member Sarath Kumar on Monday resigned from the party, alleging that his opinions are being ignored and ridiculed by a section of the leadership. It took him several years to find this out, more than anything, I hope this ends Radaan made Mega S(h)erials on SunTV. Super Machi Super..Chaknakya Chaknakya ....Sarath will be joining whom? Captain? Or Amma - our ThailangadiG will answer this soon.

Define Sea shells and Pony tail Dance:
The entire solar system knows about the DMK’s free colour TVs give away for homes that didn't have one. According to a market study [Indian Express], of a total of 170 lakh families in the state, 130 lakh have TVs but only 70 lakh are colour. On hooking up 156 lakh families with colour TVs, the DMK chief said 53 lakh “lucky”, families would receive television sets in the first phase, at a cost of Rs 1,060 crore. In that case, the DMK would have to give away 100 lakh colour TVs.Even according to Karunanidhi's math, the total bill would exceed Rs 2,000 crore. This 2000 crore is more than - [REWIND: May 2001, the All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam revived the Veeranam Project cost “Rs. 720 crores”]

Panthers Attack: Porayar, April 10. (PTI): Attacking DMK chief M Karunanidhi for his poll promise of free television sets, Dalit Panthers of India leader Tirumanavalan has said the proposed scheme was aimed at improving his "family business". - The Hindu

Finale: "Free cable TV connection" Mr. Karunanidhi said that if required, the DMK would also consider providing free cable TV connection if it came to power. - The HINDU – [Hmh Comment: Sea shells and Pony tail doesn’t dance without a valid reason - Who ever gave the title “Idiot box” for TVs is rightly justified now. The fact is most of these families don't have proper homes, or electricity water and other basic essentials for their livelihood]

Define “Mouna Ragam”:Actor-turned politician, M Karthik, general secretary of the Tamil Nadu unit of AIFB, has said that Madurai Adheenam (head of a Madurai religious institution) made him an offer of Rs 3.5 crore and five Assembly on behalf of the AIADMK to join their front However, his party decided to reject the offer and would contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections on its own strength and was willing to "face any threat from any quarter". Karthik said it was true that he had some debts to clear, but said he was determined to clear them on his own. "I have sold a portion of my property and have used it to clear my debts", he said. "I am an actor and I have seen a lot of money in my life. So, let them not try to influence them me through money or in some other way", Karthik added. - Chennai Online. [Mr. Chandramouli….. Mr. Chandramouli..- Kathick is definitely a natural Actor.]

Define OVER CONFIDENCE? - The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa today referred to various surveys conducted by leading newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and several independent organizations and said "Each and every survey has come to the conclusion that the AIADMK would win by a sweeping majority and that the AIADMK would win a majority of the 234 seats." – ha hAmma! hAmma hAmma hAmma...

The Long Jumps Section

  • Nirmala Suresh, vice president of the DMK’s state literary wing, has joined the AIADMK in the presence of the party supremo J Jayalalithaa in Madurai ,

  • Former Speaker of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Sedapatti R Muthiah today joined the DMK. An AIADMK strongman and once close to Jayalalithaa, Muthiah was the Speaker of the Assembly from 1991 to 1996. A former Lok Sabha member, Muthiah kept himself away from the AIADMK after the last Assembly polls in 2001. He joined the DMK in the presence of party President M Karunanidhi at the DMK headquarters here.

  • Mega Long Long Jump: Popular Tamil actor and DMK Rajya Sabha MP, R Sarath Kumar, resigned from the primary membership of the party on Monday. He alleged that his "hard work" was only being "ridiculed" by others in the party.

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