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Can he swallow it back? Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said, "It is practicable to supply rice for Rs 2 per kg and also free land for landless agricultural laborers. He also urged the people to repeat the 2004 Lok Sabha polls verdict when the AIADMK was defeated en masse." Had I been in the position of Jayalalithaa, I would have resigned from the chief minister's post after the defeat," he said. --- So if DMK and their buddy parties lose this election will all the Tamil Nadu ministers quit their job in New Delhi? When will this dim-witted comparison of Lok Shabha elections to State assembly election end?

Wind blowing in DMK's direction says MK, DMK president M Karunanidhi back from a hectic campaign tour today said the DMK would be able to form a government on its own in Tamil Nadu after the May 8 Assembly elections. More than the direction, we should see origin of the wind. On the spate of opinion polls, which gave different predictions, Karunanidhi said he was not a person who campaigned on the basis of opinion polls. Some polls had given the DMK front 140 seats, he pointed out.

A pre-poll survey conducted by Goodwill Communications has given the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam the edge, with a 41.97 per cent share in the overall vote. The survey has given the AIADMK 36.07 per cent vote share, followed by the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam 6.05 per cent. According to Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj, managing director of the agency, the survey was conducted from April 9 to 13 in 160 constituencies, covering 15,600 respondents.[Our reporter wished that Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj had done similar survey just before “burning” money on his recent Oratorio fiasco.]

Sonia says “I can only state here that you should vote for our alliance DPA and support the UPA government at the Centre. We will see to it that people of Tamil Nadu are not neglected,” [our reporter “Susagam” Suguna winks winks! and says until now people of Tamil Nadu are being neglected in spite of handful representation in the center. SoniaJi appealed to the electorate of Tamil Nadu to vote for the DMK-led DPA candidates in the Assembly elections to lead a life of dignity. [Congress men present in the meeting quickly referred a dictionary to find the meaning for “life of dignity”]. Showering praise on Karunanidhi, she said he was the most respected leader from whom all other leaders look for counsel [People should remember that in the recent past it used to be meteorite shower.]

Actor Sarath, who recently jumped out of the DMK bandwagon to join the revolutionary leader cultural club, rolled his dice against the DMK. On a recent interview on JAYA-TV he mentioned rather accused that DMK founded by Anna has become 'Dayanidhi Munnetra Kazhagam'. The interview also featured fantastic facial expression given by the host Rabi Bernard. For every word Sarth utters, Rabi’s eyes would reflect sympathy, empathy and all other pathies including vekatachalapathy. Fine camera work to capture those pivotal moments. The main complain from Sarath was that Maran chased him out like a 3rd person when he tried to meet Sonia. He also told that one of the Maran Brothers called him and warned about the truncation of TV serials produced by his wife Radhika. Sarath interview seemed genuine - he did look emotionally wounded. [an Injured & Sober Natamai]

Vaitheegan congratulates mikeset_munnu_bhai, thambi cheenu and "otherA ithara" HmH contributors - HmH was featured in Deccan chronicle.

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