The Vaitheegan Show [#7]

The DMK treated us only as a vote bank says Dalit Panthers Mr. Thirumavalavan. The DMK treated us only as a vote bank. ... The Muslims [IUML] were accommodated and given a seat. The Vanniyas were given many seats. But we were not given seats. [Vaitheegan wonders what special AIADMK offered him to shift. Is Thirumavalavan trying to be naïve here? The world knows “Amma let him in for the same vote bank logistics’, is there a better reason?]

Conflict of Interest: Charging the AIADMK government with taking over the retail liquor trade in favor of a distillery owned by the kin of Chief Minister’s close chum Sasikala. DMK chief M Karunanidhi said the turn over of the firm has gone up by eight times in three years. In a statement, he said the sales of the distillery which was 7.48 lakh cases in 2004 had gone up to 20.50 lakh cases in 2005 and to 50.87 lakh cases in 2006. [our reporter “தண்ணி” Thandavarayan is busy splitting the number of "கழக கண்மணிகள்" based out of ABC (Anna Brain Center) in this sales figure]. Karunanidhi accused that the government showed undue favor as part of a conspiracy to divert the entire liquor trade in the distillery. [Vaitheegan wondering about the money SUNTV made from the BNSL Re 1.00 commercials and Sumagali Set[top]up box racket. When it comes to “Conflict of Interests” and "misuse of power" DMK and AIADMK –are similar “coconut stem” soaked in a stinking pond.]

Jaya trying to trick people on free rice: The DMK-led DPA on Tuesday dismissed Jayalalithaa’s electoral promise of free supply of 10 kg of rice a month to ration card holders as an attempt to dupe the people. The statement generating wing of the DMK headed by Chief M Karunanidhi told reporters in Chennai that a person, holding a responsible position as the Chief Minister, she should not announce such "policy decisions" without the cabinet approval. [Vaitheegan wonders, in the past 5 years how many times our grand old man attend a cabinet session?, is he not being paid for nothing by the government? Even a school student gets punished for poor attendance; however political leaders are let go in spite of wasting state funds for getting them elected. Vaitheegan’s day dream: Elected Politicians who don’t attend a minimum number of cabinet sessions [hours] should not be allowed to participate in the following election.]

Eye Wash clinics: Andipatti constituency. In her declaration filed before the returning officer Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa declared she has assets valued at Rs 24.65 crore. She also said she had agricultural land worth Rs 4 crore at Jeedimetla village, Mechal, Andhra Pradesh and three residential properties worth Rs 736,12,000 at Chennai and Hyderabad. Her assets also includes a commercial complex worth Rs 29 lakh at Chennai [Fort St. George?], deposits in banks, financial institutions and non- banking financial companies to the tune of Rs 2 crore, bonds of Rs 50,000 and Rs 20,000 as cash. [Just 2 bonds?] She also has 50 per cent shares in Jaya Publications, worth Rs 10 crores and half the share in Sasi Enterprises, worth Rs 1 crore. [Vaitheegan Comment: As luck would have it she is running for office again from a place called “Andipatti” which translates to “Paupers-burg” - definitely the name refers the voters and not the electoral candidates.]

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