The Vaitheegan Show [#6]

Flattery and adulation at its best: Sun TV over the weekend put a poetic twist to its propaganda. Popular lyricists Vaali, Vairamuthu, Abdul Rehman and Pa. Vijay joined in, turning sycophantic and using their poetic skills to praise the DMK chief. Mr. PA[ratum]. Vijay described Karunanidhi as "an embodiment of Tamil language and culture" and went on to equate him to the "splendor and grandeur" of Niagara Falls, Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.

Sun TV also aired an interview with Film Actor Napoleon; the interviewer put forth lots of leading questions. Though Napoleon’s answers seemed politically fluent, the over all tone exposed the well written script. It was more or less an Election stage speech. He gave a raving certificate for Minister Dyanidhi Maran’s for his contribution to the party. [HmH: Most in DMK were busy searching for these so called contributions, we will report if once we find it.] Napoleon justified the Father-Son-family game in politics by comparing various world leaders’ right from Bush to Lalloo/Mrs Lalloo. The word democratic was given a new meaning. The interviewer who also hosts the movie review program looked pathetic in “western outfit”.

Vatheegan prediction! worked.. [hahahaha]
Tamil Nadu MP and actor R Sarath Kumar, who resigned from the DMK recently and his actress wife Radhika joined the AIADMK Monday in the presence of party chief and state Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. He is now back to his home base, he switched over to the DMK in 1996 and was given a ticket to contest the Lok Sabha polls from Tirunelveli in 1998 in which he was defeated. He was later elected as a Rajya Sabha member in 2001. [HmH: Based on this incident DMK’s chief was busy reading Tamil Literature; very soon we can expect a handful of shameful interpretations of these Tamil Literatures;]. As if the above set back was not enough, DMK president M Karunanidhi on Sunday he appealed to the All India Lakshya DMK leader –a party floated by the film director T Rajendhar. DMK leader appealed to Rajendhar to withdraw his party nominees for the May 8 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls and work for the victory of the DPA candidates.

“Double Shot” MDMK general secretary Vaiko on Sunday accused Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram of indulging in "double speak" on the DMK election promise of supplying rice at the rate of Rs. 2 a kg through the public distribution system. He also took a pot shot at Mr. Karunanidhi's reported remark that the DMK would import cheap “Chinese television” sets for poor households, he asked how the Centre would allow this as it was contrary to the anti-dumping law. At a time when several indigenous television manufacturing companies had shut down, allowing China to dump its TV sets in the Indian market would be harmful to the economy. Referring to Mr. Karunanidhi's remark that his party had already begun the enumeration of households without color television sets, he said it amounted to an open violation of the model code of conduct. "What the Election Commission is doing about this?" he asked.

Buy 10 get 10 [+ 1 vote free]AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa countered DMK's attractive poll promise of "rice at Rs two per kg", today she offered to supply 10 kg of rice free of cost through the public distribution system. Campaigning in her Andipatti constituency for the May 8 elections, Jayalalithaa said if voted back to power AIADMK government would give 10 kg of rice free for every 10 kg of rice supplied at Rs 3.50 per kg to the ration card holders who had opted for rice. In effect the AIADMK supremo has offered rice 25 paise less than her arch rival.

Eye Wash Begins:DMK president M Karunanidhi owns property and shares worth more than Rs. 22 crores, the asset declaration was given by him while filing nomination papers on Monday for the May 8 assembly polls in Tamil Nadu. [The world is now wondering where rest of fortune vanished.]

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