The Vaitheegan Show [#5]

Define double standard? - A principle, rule, or expectation that is applied unfairly.

DMK known for its anti Hindi stands once again proved that they will do anything to get elected. A DMK candidate in nearby Erode has printed pamphlets in Hindi language, in a bid to persuade North Indian votes for the May 8 Assembly polls. Catching many by surprise, the handbill, released by Erode DMK candidate P Raja, with the 'rising sun' symbol and photos of former Chief Minister, C N Annadurai, DMK president M Karunanidhi who came in to power some 40 years ago using Anti-Hindi agitations. Raja is the son of former DMK minister, Periyasamy. The handbill, which was in circulation till last week, was withdrawn, after the AIADMK capitalized on it. Meanwhile, the North Indian group, comprising people from Gujarat, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Punjab, has come out with Hindi pamphlets in support of AIADMK candidate and former mayor T Malaravan in Coimbatore West constituency. [“Bab ka beta” - ek gav me ek kissan Raghu-Thatha - that’s all the Hindi general public in Tamil Nadu knows. Thanks to DMK]

Captain has promised he would link all rivers in Tamil Nadu. However it is to seen if rivers in Tamil Nadu have water in them. Captain was furious that press is ignoring his party. He commented on free gifts scheme by both DMK and AIADMK. [It is about time for some party to give People of Tamil Nadu bigger houses with lots of storage places, why? Just to store the free goodies promised by the parties. Tamil Nadu Election 2006 comes 2nd in free give ways. 1st place goes Kungumom.]

Muthulakshmi Veerappan has kept her word. The slain forest brigand's wife will be contesting the Tamil Nadu assembly polls on May 8 as an independent candidate from Pennagaram constituency in Dharmapuri district. She promises to get justice for tribal and other villagers "tortured by the Special Task Force (STF)" during the hunt for Veerappan. "My husband might have committed many crimes, but he worked for the welfare of tribal people and the Tamil society till his last breath. [Yes Like her, He could have contested in an Election and helped his so called Tribes - “Worshipping Sun God after Blindness”]

The Long Jump:Chennai Deputy Mayor “Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo,” R Thiagarajan is back into limelight. It took about 1 plate of par boiled rice to cover up his hate for DMK. He is all set to rejoin the Congress and campaign for the “DMK”. Thiagarajan’s “jumping history” is notorious. He left Congress five years back to join the AIADMK, but then had a fight with Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Fearing he would be arrested on corruption charges, nuisance case and other Gunda & Chubby acts for AMMA, “Thandum Tilagam” Thiagarajan went to an unclosed location for past six months back. He has now remerged maneuvering with the Congress in New Delhi. His latest promise - I will “bring out” the corruption in tsunami relief, construction of parks, metro water supply and many other projects.

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