The Vaitheegan Show [#4]

AIADMK’s respect and love for its leader suddenly "Tripled in Tirunelveli". A banner of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was placed inside the Nellaiappar Temple premises in Tirunelveli triggering a red hot beefy fight between DMK and AIADMK. Both by their principles do not care for God but both have a special love towards temples revenue generating mechanisms. DMK claims it is against the election code of conduct, but AIADMK men countered it with DMK’s plans to rename a “mandapam” after Karunanidhi in the district, unable to put up with the situation Nellaiappar has taken a family vacation to the Swiss Alps until the election. Hope Nellaiappar has the Capital one card.

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DMK president M Karunanidhi and K Bhagyaraj on crusade tour around Chennai, HhH reporter “vAthu” Vaithee who travels along with the party is standing by live, over to vAthu...

Vathu: Quak Quak Good morning Vaitheegan, it is a campaign blast here, political songs with loud music, speeches by “Kazaga Kanmaigal” using Tamil burglary oops, jugglery. Etc, DMK into full election mood.

DMK and their allies have accused Jayalalithaa in planning violence in TN.
DMK president M Karunanidhi using his vast, wide spread, bright Tamil knowledge said he had a “suspicion” that Jayalalithaa was planning to indulge in violence and put the blame on the Opposition. He was also seen busy scripting a new story Kolran Kolran Kolran for kungumom. Actor K Bhagyaraj, who joined the DMK a couple of days back, charged Jayalalithaa with blacking out her political mentor late M G Ramachandran. She had closed down the Film City named after the late leader; Bhagyaraj, who was once described by MGR as his heir [without any financial benefits] in the Tamil film world. If you read between lines Bhagyaraj has actually achieved something, he managed to talk about MGR on a DMK stage having its leader next to him. The same leader once upon a time branded MGR as a mere show blitz. Today the long gone soul is being used shamelessly by both.

The best humor in the campaign came from Karnunanidhi. He assured “DMK would provide a transparent and corrupt free government in the state, if voted to power. Celebrating this statement DMK volunteers distributed samandhi, anthimanthrai, Roja, mullai, kanakambaram flowers to general public around Chepauk. They requested every one to place it in their left or right ears. People allergic to flowers were given coupons for 2 kgs of free Halwa from Anna Halwa Stall adjacent to Sun TV complex. Thats all from me now, Live from Anna Halwa Stall,Teynampet - “Vathu” Vaithee “The Vaithegeegan Show”.

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Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu today said, 'it is really shocking that a matured political party like the DMK had given an unrealistic and populist promise of providing a colour television set.' Naidu who woke from a deep sleep said DMK has stooped to low levels. Bharathiaya Janata Party State president C P Radhakrishnan finally discovered “Jaya-Vaiko tie-up opportunistic”. On the question as to why senior party leaders of the BJP not contesting this election, he said that the party was contesting in all the constituencies for the first time in Tamilnadu. Senior party leaders were not contesting the election only to carry forward the parties’ policies to voters and to campaign for the candidates. [Vaitheegan says this is to save some deposit money.]

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Simran busy on campaign trail for Amma, Simran managed to speak three sentences without dubbing or prompting. And they were kind of instant hits. "Vote for the leaves” “we have good roads” and finally “There is no water problem”. Simran actually meant H20 but assuming TASMAC water the crowd whistled, cheered and went into raptures.

Rice [of the] promises: Vijaykanth has also joined the free Rice donation promise scheme. “If voted to power he will give 15kgs of free Rice every month to the poor”. Our Washington Bureau chief “Kazutha” Kandaswamy reports a surprising development from the White house. Inspired by Tamil Nadu Election free rice schemes, George W.Bush is now thinking in similar lines to regain his popularity. He had discussion with Dick Cheney about giving free Rice; But Cheney suggested giving away Condo Lisa “Rice” would work better.

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The Long Jump: Former AIADMK minister R Indirakumari today joined the DMK along with her followers. Indirakumari, who was Social Welfare Minister in Jayalalithaa's Cabinet from 1991 to 1996, met DMK president M Karunanidhi at Anna Arivalayam and joined the party. Welcoming them, Karunanidhi said this would strengthen the party's women's wing. Hope Public remembers the Rs 11.42 crore free dhoti saree scheme scam during the previous AIADMK regime,She was acquitted by the special court in 2003. The “government's” appeal against the special court verdict was pending before the High Court.

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