The Vaitheegan Show [#3]

Sarathkumar might jump into the All India “Amma” oops Anna Dravida Munerata Kazagam band wagon. The primary reason given for the jump “DMK promoting family interests”; Vaitheegan just wonders why he failed to miss the same point when he was a MP etc. HmH Reporter "I. Jump Lingam" learnt from his contacts that DMK head Mu.Ka did send a final plea bargain quoting actor’s speeches and assurance in the recent DMK collection conference. Nothing worked for a worked-up Sarath. Natamai “has changed his judgment” again!

HmH reporter “Rumor” Ratham sent fax to Vaitheegan Show stating PMK is very unhappy over seat sharing deal with Congress-I and DMK in Pondicherry. We can expect more brotherly speeches, "happyness" tears from our beloved DMK leader.

When Youth India is busy talking about making India a developed state within a decade, DMK’s grand old supreme continued his promise of providing “colour televisions” as well as free cable connections to voters in his constituency Chepauk He used his usual Tamil language juggling and gave a fantastic example,
"If you give someone a cow, won't you give them rope to tether it as well?"
HhH reporters predicts that next addition to this Color TV promise will be to provide glasses for people who cannot watch the “free” TV due to myopia and other eye problems. Center Minister Mr. Maran is now working on a deal with a Korean glass company which will build a 2000000 acre plant in neighboring state Andhra. Reporter further told since Tamil Nadu government did not reply to Mr. Maran’s one rupee phone call from Delhi hence it went to Andhra

Seeing enough propaganda against Stalin being the next CM if DMK is voted in, DMK supreme Mu.Ka got some jitters that he might be kicked out like Shahjahan by Aurangazeb. He released a statement yesterday, this is probably the first time he is doing so. He assured that if DMK wins the election he would be CM and not his son Stalin. HhH comment – “My father Son is not in the Rice Barn”. HhH has also learnt that this message was for Stalin and his supporters rather than public.

In a recent Interview for TOI, Mu.Ka was asked this question. With P Seeman, you have fielded a new face and a resident of Chennai to stand against the might of Jayalalithaa in Andipatti. What’s the logic of this choice? Answer: Was Jayalalithaa, who is contesting from Andipatti on behalf of the AIADMK, born and brought up Andipatti? Does she live there?

HhM reporter “Delhi Dubakoor” reports that after reading this interview SoniaG was really furious, she called Mr. Maran in told him something in Hindi, using his vast Hindi knowledge the central minister later translated this to “Dravidian” Tamil so that his grand dad would get the message. Delhi Dubakoor who over heard some bits and pieces told Vaitheegan show that this answer seem to have hurt SoniaG’s sentiments after all she is an Italian born who ran for election in a remote Indian village.

Sun TV goes public and has raised six billion rupees ($134.2 million) in an initial public offering of 6.9 million shares, HhM reporter “Panam” Ponnusamy and “Finance” Faruk - sources close to the development said on Monday that the demand has been huge at more than 45 times the issue size, so there is no reason for pricing it lesser than the top end of the band," the source said. Sun TV is expected to announce a price of Rs 875 share later in the day, the source said. It had set a band of Rs 730-875 a share for bids. Using this I wish SEBI is given power to control Tami Serials on Sun TV.

AIADMK received the best Honors today in its long history. [Veteran] Simran has said that the law and order during the AIADMK regime has been satisfactory and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has been striving for the welfare of the masses. She also urged the people to vote for AIADMK. Our reporter “Jollu” Jaggu who was there in the meeting gave a raving report on “cute” Broken Tamil spoken by Simran. Other film personalities who campaign for Amma are Vindhya, Director Manoj Kumar, lyricist Snehan, dance directors Anthony and Raghuram. With a truck load of political background and knowledge [wink! wink!], Vindhya had inputs from poet Kannadasan's book, in which she criticized DMK president M Karunanidhi. Expressing joy at campaigning for AIADMK, Vindhya said, 'Jayalalithaa has been rendering a lot for the welfare of the Tamil cinema. It is opportunity for me to show my gratitude to her'. HmH Trivia - Name 5 movies “acted” by Vindya.

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