The Vaitheegan Show [#10]

It seems Jayalalitha is winning - How? Old man Karunanidhi had to play his old scratched LP record. In a recent interview he has stated that “'Only Brahmins are supporting Jayalalitha”
Let us check some popular new/old admissions into the Jayalalitha camp
1.Sarath Kumar /Radhika,2.Senthil,3.Radha Ravi,4.S.S.Chandran,5.Simran 6.Thirumalvalavan 7.VaiKo
seeing this from an another angle - using his [tamil]-wit Mu.Ka wanted to insult every one in the above list so he called them Brahmins. DMK leader must have realized Tamil language patronage does not work anymore. Why? His grand son is a Hindi pundit!. Grand Old man seems have forgotten Jayalalitha vs Jayendra Saraswathi episode – some say it is a confirmed case of Alzheimer. It is pity that this grand old man of Tamil Nadu politics could not find any other weapon to deal Jayalalitha. Brahmins – Mu.Ka ayya please don’t give credit to the Brahmins for what they don’t deserve.

Here you go : Bitter over the way in which the Tamil Nadu government handled the affairs of the 2,000-year old Kanchi mutt, Thamizhanadu Brahmin Association (Thambraas) on Friday said all its members would vote against the ruling AIADMK in the May 8 Tamil Nadu assembly polls. read more..[HhH-In about 24hrs we will be hearing a somersault statement from this grand old man]

As if free color TV , Rice etc were not enough , an independent Mr. Ramasamy alias E K R Kuppam contesting from Muthialpet constituency [Pondichery assembly] has promised voters mobile phones free of cost, if voted to power in the coming Assembly elections in the Union Territory. [What Next? tea stalls to be setup at every street corner that will provide free Tea and porai for everyone]

Actor Sarath Kumar has blown his horn against union minister Maran. He wants prime minister to set up enquiry commission. He also said the freedom of press and speech will be in danger if the DMK comes to power, in the Tamil Nadu[HhH: Poor Sarath fails to under stand, by supporting AIADMK the word “freedom” is itself is in jeopardy.] read more..

Central Minister [and the in house DMK Hindi scholar] has stated that TN CM did not bother to attract new industries to state. Yes! Jayalalitha is heavy headed, known for her arrogance. But if Mr.Maran had Noble intentions he could have done well for the state. He has to take the blame 50% here, why - Hope the world remembers the reason given by Mr. Maran for not taking Bill Gates to Chennai Tidal Park. – “Roads were bad so we cannot show him the tidal park”

Rewind - Times of India – Dated Dec 8th 2005 :Not one to be media-shy, Maran went on to crib that he could not take Gates to TIDEL Park, Chennai’s IT hub, because of the potholed roads leading to the software enclave. Aghast media persons listened in shock as the minister tore apart the image of a city still recovering from the fury of the recent floods more

Tell me - Who is to blame here? If Maran’s intentions had been noble, why care about other person's EGO? Did he not speak badly about our state to a foreigner? Did he not paint a bad picture? People, I feel this is where DMK stands today. Just wondering about his qualifications to be the minister of IT? Education is not that great - ok – who cares about education - Lallo is our railway Minster but what about Political experience – this is also near zero- How then? Speaks Hindi? – He is certainly a “blessed” dude.

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